Free Webinar Reveals Why It's Important to...
So You and Your Team Can
Thrive in Your Zone of Genius 
Find your sweet spot, unveil your blind spots, 
and surround yourself with a happier, 
more productive team!

LIVE With Pat Roque, The 
Rock Star Transformation Coach

Tuesday, November 28 12:00 pm ET
What You'll Learn On This FREE LIVE WEBINAR!
You're not alone: 
87% of all employees are unhappy at their current jobs.
Dissatisfaction is poisoning the workplace and sucking the life out of team members who crave relief and know they deserve more. But how?
Research shows that when you lead with your strengths, you’re more likely to be engaged, productive and have an excellent quality of life.
Why it's important to apply your unique gifts with a 90-day game system to drive focused daily habits, accountability, and inspiration to build a team who loves what they are doing and the 
lifestyle they desire? 
** Plus -  Since Business Boomers Inc. is recognized by the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), HR Professionals can earn Professional Development Credits (PDC) for the SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP with many of our programs. 
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